Farmers Market

Farmers Market

The Lewis County Farmers Market is the summer place to buy your fresh produce. We offer a large variety of fresh-picked, straight-from-the-farm fruits and vegetables. You can also find handcrafted items such as birdhouses, baskets, wreaths, and floral arrangements.

Vegetables available: Fruits available:
• Asparagus • Apples
• Beans • Blackberries
• Beets • Melons
• Broccoli • Watermelons
• Cabbage
• Cauliflower Other items available:
• Sweet Corn • Honey
• Cucumbers • Arts & Crafts
• Okra • Aprons, Potholders & other quilted items
• Eggplant
• Onions
• Peppers
• Potatoes
• Pumpkins
• Radishes
• Summer Squash
• Tomatoes
• Winter Squash

Every year on the last Saturday in September, the Vegetable Producers host “Harvest Fest,” a day-long festival filled with good food and lots of fun!

For more information on the Lewis County Farmers Market, contact:

Philip Konopka
Lewis County Extension Office
284 Second St.
Vanceburg, Ky 41179
or email Philip.

Visit the LocalHarvest website for lots more on Farmers Markets, fresh food and produce, local events, recipes and more.

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