KY Barn Quilt Trail

The Lewis County Quilt Trail
project places colorful painted quilt
squares on highly visible barns
and other structures throughout
the county in an effort to attract
tourists and promote community

Local students are heavily
involved. The high school’s
advanced art classes sketch out
and paint the patterns. The
vocational school’s carpentry
classes construct the frames.
Lewis County
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Quilt Trail
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Visit Lewis County, Kentucky
(.PDF 20 kB)
Unveiling the first barn quilt in Lewis County, Ky, May 2007
Barn quilt on Ky 8, Garrison, Ky
Girl & Boy barn quilts on AA Hwy, Tollesboro, Ky
Applications for squares are
reviewed and approved by
committee vote.
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Special thanks for supporting the Quilt Trail:

T. Evans Insurance and H&R Block
Citizens Deposit Bank & Trust
Lewis County Farm Bureau Insurance
Gateway Resource Conservation & Development District
Lewis County Cooperative Extension Service
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Interested in barn quilt

Visit Randesigns Custom
for custom-made jewelry
in the patterns found on
barns in the region.
The Patriot Trail
Quicks Run Rd., in the
northwestern part of the
county, has been
designated the Patriot
Trail, dedicated to all
veterans. Every square on
that trail will be painted in
red, white and blue to
honor our defenders of